Dec 19 2018

GWRPG update 2018

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Firstly the group must apologise for not updating its website for what seems like a very long time, but this has been due to unforeseen circumstances and also a password error cropping into the login.

Over 2018, we have seen various occurrences with our locomotives. Firstly, with Birkenhead on hire at Elsecar Heritage Railway in Barnsley, where it failed due to weeping stays in the firebox and patchworking of the lower copper firewall (Bulging areas due to overheating) This is being investigated currently by specialist engineers in the copper trade. This failure has stopped all steamings and with it the subsequent loss of revenue.

Secondly, William Murdoch residing at Helston Railway in Cornwall is undergoing its ten year overhaul and necessary additional new sections, front tube plate renewal! Again this work was put on hold for a period while Helston members constructed an engine shed to give overhaul and general maintenance a dry location. We are informed that this work is now back on schedule.

Which brings us to our Pannier 9682, which has had various protracted examinations during the last few years, culminating in quotations being received for the work involved. But a recent occurrence on our site saw the theft of various expensive loco parts stolen from within one of our locked wagons. these were from the Pannier awaiting its restoration process.

This came at an extremely bad time as the Directors and principal members had just proposed at the last AGM to sell this useful locomotive as our financial income was not sufficient at this time to cover this essential work.

Various groups and individuals became interested and it was decided to sell the locomotive to the Dean Forest Locomotive  Group in Lydney, Gloucestershire. Their enthusiasm was assisted by their ownership of Pannier 9681, also currently undergoing restoration, to be finished during middle of 2019. They have also bought our Toad Brakevan to supplement their GWR stock of wagons. Movement of these two items is due early in New Year. Their own website covers this story.

The group is also selling its Gane A low loader wagon to a private buyer interested in GWR stock.

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