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Mar 18 2008

GWRPG chairman's report, membership and site news

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Chairman’s Report 2008 – Bob Gorringe

The last months have been very busy in preparing and planning for the year ahead, in which it is intended to add further attractions for our visitors, supporters and members.

A number of our events will be themed – some of which are in the process of finalisation – and details will be available nearer the event time. Following a successful boiler test, “William Murdoch” will be in steam for the first time in 10 years. Work also continues on our TSO and BSK coaches, which we intend to operate with our Ruston Hornsby 0-4-0 Diesel Shunter. The Baguley Drewry Railcar and the AEC 0-4-0 Diesel Shunter are also intended to be operational on specific open days.

During the coming months work will continue to add visitor interest to Southall Railway Centre. Part of the Refreshment and Sales Building will be set aside for displaying railway artefacts and hardware, with the aim to reflect West London as it was in the steam era.

Membership news – Andrew Hunter

In the last three months many new members have joined the GWRPG and we wish them a long and happy association with the Group. It is encouraging that they have joined either following a visit to Southall or on recommendation from a friend. Those who have visited Southall Railway Centre have returned and become valued members of our regular working parties.

Site report – Bill Putnam

We are preparing for our open day at Easter, and aiming to get “William Murdoch” steaming once again. The boiler has passed its pressure test and the next move will be to reunite the boiler with the chassis, which has been overhauled and painted to perfection.

The name of the game – Mike Gorringe

Prairie, Pannier, Robert Stephenson & Hawthorn, Ruston Hornsby, Peckett, Baguley Drewry, Heavy Goods plus Toad, Mink, Gane, Enparts. This is correct terminology for the locomotives and rolling stock on site at Southall Railway Centre.

Some locos were named during their working life, i.e. RSH “Birkenhead”, while the Ruston Hornsby 0-4-0 Diesel Shunter became “Francis Bailey of Thatcham” at a formal GWRPG ceremony.

Whether you are visiting Southall Railway Centre for the first time, a regular visitor or a member, there is always something going on or new to see – a project or display underway, or more GWR relics being extracted from our archival store. Since our temporary closure in 1997, many interesting items were put away for safekeeping, but we are now dusting off the cobwebs and placing them on display for all our visitors to see and appreciate once again.

We keep saying this but MEMBERS ARE OUR LIFEBLOOD.

If you wish to join the GWRPG please contact us … and give us a hand!

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