Oct 29 2015

GWRPG Members Day – 24th October 2015

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The 2015 Members Day was rather successful in achieving recognition of all the work that has been and is currently being carried out by our site team headed by Richard Heasman. This team has recently seen more new members become active using their own knowledge and expertise.

David Fell’s knowledge of diesel engines has been extremely helpful in sorting out the Generator Van’s motive power unit – A Perkins P3 152 three cylinder diesel engine, giving power of approximately 2.50 Litres. Whilst quite old, these units are still in daily operation and parts etc. are still available, as we have found to our benefit.

In time also, once this power unit is restored, the group’s team should be able to restart the Ruston Diesel locomotive – Francis Bailey of Thatcham, which will give us heavy power to move stock around the site. Another member, David Fisher has used his literary skills in providing articles for our publications.

Neil Fearn, Health and Safety Manager, staged himself at the entrance and welcomed visitors as they arrived. Richard, David and Peter Lewis carried on their day to day tasks as visitors moved around and they were able to give usefull information about aspects of work loads. Whilst many came to view, some indicated they could help next year when their personal lifestyle eased off!.

Sales Manager Edward Boxell set up his sales area within the Mess Coach ready for purchases by visitors. Also for viewing in the coach was a 00 Gauge model of the old site, basically the Southall Shed (81C) and Wheel Drop Shop, as bequeathed by past member Alan Taylor.

Director Mike Gorringe was able to inform members, further to recent discussions with Elsecar Heritage Railway in Barnsley the day before that they would like to continue hiring Birkenhead for the 2016 season. This will be confirmed by their locomotive engineer.

In relation to the general success of this 2015 Members Day, the group propose to hold another Members Day in the spring time, date to be confirmed by Mike as soon as possible.

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